Our Campaign

As many innercity Urban First Nations people have been dislocated from there culture.  We hope to provide access to ceremonys and help guide people to these safe healing places, especially residential  school and foster care survivors.

The medicine wheel teaches us wellbeing encompasses the whole person – it is a balanced approach to health.  A model of community care.

Culture saves lives.

Our Objectives 

  1.  Raise cultural competency in systems of care
  2.  Create cultural opportunities for people to contribute to community by diversifying hiring models
  3.  Increase the number of safe, inclusive cultural spaces so that nobody is left out of the circle
  4. Grow a movement that is inclusive, community-led, flexible, collaborative, and person-centred to engage people in cultural practices that lift the spirits of all people
medicine wheel ambulance


Our Call to Action

“It is up to each of us to take our place on the medicine wheel” – Chief Fraser Andrews

Our campaign spreads largely upon direct action and media sharing.  Share the medicine.  CULTURE SAVES LIVES.  | Donate Here


Reconnecting all people with their culture, especially First Nations people oppressed by colonization & including those traditionally left out of the circle.