Awareness Raising & Direct Action

Art Initiatives

We create large visual art pieces with Aboriginal artists and community members throughout the DTES.

These pieces lift the spirits of the people, advocate for the visibility of Aboriginal health issues, serve as emblems of sovereign Aboriginal rights, and spark discussions about Indigeneous arts and creative opportunities in the neighborhood.

Social Enterprise

Represent Culture Saves Lives and stand by us as we work for change.  Find our gear online or in-store at The Window Community Art Shop!

Community Programs

All programs occur free of charge to the public, serve people living in the downtown core, and welcome ALL people to take their place in the circle.

Our programs include:

  • Smudging
  • Drumming
  • Traditional dance, such as hoop dancing
  • Local sweat lodges
  • Drum making workshops
  • Elders/Medicine Keepers wisdom sharing series

Organized Events

Connect with community and healing!  Witness traditional ceremonies and practices at our Community Events or join a roundtable discussion or workshop with Elders, community members, health care service workers, and knowledge keepers.

  • Community Events
  • Facilitated round table discussions
  • Workshops



Reconnecting all people with their culture, especially First Nations people oppressed by colonization & including those traditionally left out of the circle.