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2016/11/05 | SURVIVORS TOTEM POLE WILL BE A SYMBOL OF HOPE | “This pole is for everybody: it represents the resilience of everyone… We want to let people that are moving into this area know that this is a great community, that we are still part of it, and we’re not going away”

2016/09/19 | THANK YOU RABBLE.CA | Fifth annual DTES Pow Wow shifts focus to the future generations.

2016/09/20 | THANK YOU THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT | 21 stunning photos of the 2016 Culture Saves Lives DTES Pow Wow: Honouring the Sacred Ones, Our Children

2015/07/15 | PRESS COVERAGE IN THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT | 20 stunning photos that show off the power of a Culture Saves Lives powwow in the Downtown Eastside

2015/07/13 | 4th Annual Honoring Our Elders DTES Pow Wow | Thank You to all who supported the 4th Annual Honoring Our Elders DTES Pow Wow!

We launched this simple but powerful message–culture saves lives–at the 4th annual Honouring our Elders DTES Pow Wow and Culture Saves Lives launch.   No one was left out of the circle and all were invited to come and share in our culture, food, music, drumming, and dance.  It was a great day of gathering, sharing teachings, lifting the spirits of the people, asserting our sovereignty, honouring our elders, reconnecting with culture, and standing together for change.

2015/08/30 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes | Supporters of Culture Saves Lives and Idle No More gathered and marched up The Drive in heels to demonstrate against violence against women.

2015/07/10: Worlds Biggest Medicine Wheel goes up at the Hastings Folk Garden, a large public display of health, balance, and life.


VIDEO: ‘Culture saves lives,’ say residential school survivors

Press Coverage on Ricochet Media

2015/06/14: Culture Saves Lives Community Event | This event was held in the DTES to bring rich culture and tradition to those who need it most: elders, medicine men, singers, drummers, and dancers came together to support one another, share stories, and engage in community healing.

2015/06/10: World’s Largest Eagle Staff | Initiative lead, Patrick Smith; community artist, Larissa Healey; and community volunteers—inspired by the East Van Eagle Feather—created and hoisted a sixty foot eagle staff to hang from the rooftop of the Portland Hotel at 20 W. Hastings.

2015/05/27: Sharing Our Wisdom Report Release | Culture Saves Lives filled Canada Place with song, prayer, and drum to celebrate the release of Dr. Teresa Howell’s Aboriginal Health Research Initiative, Sharing Our Wisdom, which supports and validates that Culture Saves Lives.

2015/05/20: UBC Aboriginal Health Initiative conference presents research findings, which validate that Culture Saves Lives!  Sharing Our Wisdom reports people with increased awareness of traditional healing and healthcare practice have greater ownership over their health and healthcare choices.

2015/05/18 East Van Eagle Feather | Culture Saves Lives volunteers took action and hung a sixteen-foot Eagle Feather on the iconic East Van Cross to lift the hearts of the people. | Eagle Feather created by community artist, Larissa Healey.

2015/05 Medicine Wheels | DURC peers created thirty medicine wheels to launch the Culture Saves Lives campaign and hung them throughout the city of Vancouver.

Reconnecting all people with their culture, especially First Nations people oppressed by colonization & including those traditionally left out of the circle.