Nuhtsme lelum [ We are One House ] at 1 E. Hastings St.

Saa-ust Shqalawin (Lifting Up the Hearts and Minds)

Indigeneous feast: A gathering to address the ongoing opioid crisis. Join us to grieve, heal, and discuss solutions and actions going forward.

Bear Ceremony. Healing Circles. Drumming. Singing. Feast.

914 Eagle Feathers in Oppenheimer Park

National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis #LifeWontWait Vancouver


Caribou Legs Honouring Ceremony

Brad Firth, Caribou Legs, ran 7,400 kilometers from  Vancouver to Fort St. Johns to raise awareness about Missing and Murdered Indigeneous Women.  We honoured Brad for the sacrifice and courage of his journey.

A distinguished member of our community, Brad continues to run. As Caribou Legs would say, “choreographed by the sacred directions”. Thank you for your warrior spirit! Aho!

We Support Standing Rock

Support for Standing Rock turns into being in hand cuffs …………got busted hanging banner off Granville Street Bridge , BUT not before catching a photo in front of Trumps place

Support for Standing Rock at the 5th DTES Pow Wow & cultural celebration

Culture Saves Lives Artists Support Standing Rock

– Anishnaabe artist, Larissa Healey tagged support on the Culture Saves Lives Eagle Feather


– Metis artist, Gabriel Squalor raised funds by tattooing Stephanie Big Eagle’s Thunderbird Oceti Sakowin Dakota/Latoka design, sending proceeds to Standing Rock

5th annual Honouring Our Children DTES Pow Wow and cultural celebration

“21 photos of the 2016 Culture Saves Lives powwow that show off the power of First Nations children” as featured by Travis Lupick in the Georgia Straight, September 27th, 2016. Photos by Kent Apa’tsti Danielson


More photos by @RobbynBenPhotography… thanks Robbyn!

21 Drums for 21 Children

Led by Tutchone artist, John Sam, Culture Saves Lives made 21 drums in two days to give away to children at the 5th DTES Pow Wow and cultural celebration.

Knowledge Keeper Sharing Series

In partnership with RainCity Housing and the PHS Community Services Society, Culture Saves Lives presents the Knowledge Keepers Sharing Series at Woodwards Community Housing, addressing culture, tradition, ceremony, as well as the challenges and beauty of working across culture and in the Downtown Eastside.

These circles are open to community members, practitioners, students, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of First Nations cultures and communities.

The Big Drum

Slax’in Medicine Gala

Our Slax’in feather gala was a huge success. Thank you to all the artists who participated and to all the supporters who came out and bought a feather!

1st Prize: John Sam (Featured design on Culture Saves Lives T-shirts and Hoodies) 2nd Prize: Garnet Tobacco 3rd Prize: Singing Frog Preschool

Making the Big Drum

Local artist Tutchone John Sam lead the CSL teams in the making of a big drum for the community

Insite Painting

Local Anishnaabe artist Larissa Healey was commissioned to create a mural for the Chill Lounge at Insite

The painting went up on the day of the Insite anniversary held at the urban folk garden

Slax’in Medicine Project

The plants, earth, and sky, all four-leggeds, wingeds, and two-leggeds are medicines that give life.  We, as human beings, are medicine for each other.

To  lift the spirits of the people, 30+ First Nations community artists painted 4-foot wooden feathers.  The feathers remain in community spaces as symbols of hope, healing, and sovereignty.

4th Annual Honouring Our Elders DTES Pow Wow and Culture Saves Lives Launch


‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ Anti-Violence March


World’s Biggest Medicine Wheel


Ceremony at SBC Skate Park (The Legendary Smiling Buddha


Hastings Urban Farm Community Event


World’s Largest Eagle Staff


Sharing Our Wisdom Report Release at Canada Place


Feather Making


‘Culture Saves Lives’ March with Residential School and Foster Care Survivors and Medicine Wheels initiative


Beginning of Campaign






Reconnecting all people with their culture, especially First Nations people oppressed by colonization & including those traditionally left out of the circle.